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Cigna Wellbeing Survey

This week, healthcare provider Cigna has launched it’s 2019 Wellbeing Survey report. CEO and Founder of The Wellbeing Project, Sam Fuller, was invited to join the panel – and she comments on the findings: “The survey tells us how employees feel about themselves, their roles, their relationships, their working environment, their contribution, their physical and […]

Motivate Me!

Imagine a larder with shelves filled with tins and containers.  Each shelf is marked according to how long it takes to make the food sitting there – for example, two hours, one hour or, for when you’re really rushed, two minutes.  Every container or tin is filled with nutritious and delicious food, clearly marked to […]

Top Tips – Work:Life Integration

In the 21st century, work and personal lives are intertwined because of devices that keep us connected and the ways we now work. We asked some of our team for their best tips on achieving work:life integration.  Here’s what they said: I always leave my phone at home when I walk the dog, which is […]

Digital Breaks?

Instagram is the social media platform that is most harmful to young people’s mental health, a UK poll has revealed.  A survey of 1,479 people aged 14-24 was carried out by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the Young Health Movement to find out about how social media channels affects their mental wellbeing.  […]

Boy Talk

A couple of months ago, the Samaritans published its annual suicide statistics report for 2017. It makes for depressing reading – especially if you’re a man. There were 6,639 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland in the last year. Male rates remain consistently higher than female suicide rates – most notably five times […]

Wellbeing Tips For Men

When it comes to wellbeing and resilience, different things work for different people.  The trick is finding what works for you and being aware that this may change. We asked some of the men on The Wellbeing Project team for their tips on managing their resilience and general wellbeing.  They told us a mix of […]