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Mental Wellbeing – Bridging The Workplace Gap

Many organisations believe that, in their own workforce, mental ill health is not much of a problem. But this isn’t usually the case. Traditionally, evidence has shown that that having no job was a factor in poor mental health because being in employment provides structure, purpose and focus, but increasingly we are seeing peoples’ mental […]

Top Tips for Good Mental Wellbeing

What’s the best way of maintaining mental health?  We asked some of our team to share what works for them. “I tend to manage my mental wellbeing by noticing and acting on early warning signs or symptoms of a dip in my mood or behaviour. For example, if I’m angry or frustrated, I try to […]

Mental Health Toolkit

Each year, around a quarter of people will experience a mental health episode. In any given week, one in six will experience a mental health problem, such as depression or anxiety.  Yet only one in eight adults with a mental health condition is believed to be receiving the treatment and support they need. For organisations, […]

Money Well Spent

Some words elicit an immediate and positive emotional response, but the word ‘budget’ is not one of them.  While unlikely to prompt much excitement, budgeting is a reality of life for most of us.   Depending on job role, this is as true at work as it is in our personal lives. Many organisations have tight […]

Making The Most Of A Wellbeing Budget

In our recent client survey, one of the things our clients valued most about our services was the ability to make their wellbeing budgets work harder.  For us, it’s not always about adding more resources; rather it’s about repurposing what you’ve already got and leveraging what’s already working well. At the end of last year, […]

Supporting Wellbeing By Raising Awareness

How do you let your staff know that you care about their wellbeing? In this day and age, there are a myriad of ways to do this, be it through the implementation of an Employee Assistance Programme or a suite of training resources to build greater self-awareness and individual skills to support personal resilience. While […]

Nurturing The Emotional Bank Balance

It’s a common myth that resilient people don’t need anybody and that they can operate as a lone wolf. But, in fact, the opposite is true. Resilient people actually have strong support networks around them, and they take time to nurture this important personal investment. In 2015, a study outlined in this Harvard Business Review […]

The Cost Of Stress

The CIPD’s 2017 Employee Outlook survey  presents some interesting findings, not least in relation to employees’ job-seeking intentions and reasons for looking for, or applying for, a new job.  It found that just over a fifth (21%) of employees are now looking for a new job with a different employer. The reason?  Just over half […]

A Balancing Act

We often hear about work/life balance, and in particular the challenges of achieving it.  Part of the problem in getting a balance is that the fixed boundaries between work and personal have now gone.  They used to be distinct – an individual would leave work and, in doing so, be in their personal space. Now […]