Cigna Wellbeing Survey

This week, healthcare provider Cigna has launched it’s 2019 Wellbeing Survey report. CEO and Founder of The Wellbeing Project, Sam Fuller, was invited to join the panel – and she comments on the findings:

“The survey tells us how employees feel about themselves, their roles, their relationships, their working environment, their contribution, their physical and mental health and the huge impact it has on their ability to thrive and consistently perform at work.  This year’s clear and insightful data provides us with the knowledge and understanding to adapt interventions and address some of the common themes and new challenges emerging, it’s not a one-size fits all.   

It is time for organisations to step up and seize the opportunity to put wellbeing in everything that they do – to plan and build tailored wellbeing strategies that deliver far-reaching benefits with consistent commitment and budget. 

Wellbeing is the heart of an organisation’s competitive edge, its sustainability and its employee experience.”

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