Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Research has proven that EQ (emotional intelligence) is a far better indicator of business success than IQ.

Emotional Intelligence

EQi 2.0 Assessment

Why use it?

Emotional intelligence enhances your ability to identify, manage and express your emotions, respond positively to pressure, build positive and constructive relationships with others and foster a level of mental clarity which supports incisive and effective decision-making.

Emotionally intelligent individuals are those who demonstrate the hallmarks of great leadership: role-modelling healthy high performance at its best and inspiring and motivating those around them to do the same.

What format does it take?

EQi 2.0 takes the form of an online self-assessment test comprising 133 questions. The resultant report provides an overall individual EQi score, measured across 5 composite scales and 15 sub-scales.

With options including a standard report, a tailored leadership report, team reports and also 360 degree feedback, EQi 2.0 offers a high degree of insight and understanding, highlighting areas of strength but also signposting potential areas of risk and how these can effectively be addressed.

Our certified EQ-i 2.0 assessors and coaches deliver detailed feedback on individual and team reports, ensuring the information is handled sensitively and constructively

As part of a tailored wellbeing and resilience programme, EQi 2.0 presents a valuable tool in the modern organisation’s resilience armoury.