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16 March 2022

Future Proof Wellbeing

Two leaders in employee wellbeing share how a data-informed approach to wellbeing strategy development can help you build a truly resilient organisation.

Sam Fuller, CEO of The Wellbeing Project, and Susan Turnbull, People Director at DMSL explore how to:

  • Build the case for workplace wellbeing
  • Measure what wellbeing initiatives work, and how to stay on the right track
  • Move from providing reactive employee wellbeing support to shaping the culture
  • Create a wellbeing strategy aligned to the values and strategic objectives of your organisation
Employee wellbeing is the number 1 HR trend of 2022. After the challenges of the last 2 years, organisations around the world are taking action to support the wellbeing of their people. The question is no longer whether to invest in employee wellbeing, but how to do it in a way that actually yields results.
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