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12 November 2021

Our wellbeing guide for homeworking

Our wellbeing guide for homeworking offers practical strategies for staying healthy and resilient when working remotely.

The 5 Pillars of Resilience for homeworking

The pandemic brought dramatic shifts to the way we work as organisations and employees adapted to homeworking. Now, for many working people, hybrid working is the norm. Whilst there are many benefits, the challenge is to protect against the pressures and stress of this way of working.

Our wellbeing guide for homeworking is full of practical strategies to build each of the 5 Pillars of Resilience:

The 5 Pillars of Resilience



Our Energy Pillar is all about how we fuel and refuel.  Support this pillar by:

  • Ensuring you’re well hydrated and lining up healthy, nutritious snacks to keep you powered up all day long
  • Taking short ‘refresher’ breaks away from your screen, ideally outside to offer a change of scene
  • Creating clear boundaries between ‘work-time’ and ‘down-time’ so that you can fully recharge and re-energise

Future Focus

Our Future Focus Pillar is about what we want and how we’re going to make it happen. Support this pillar by:

  • Using your diary to schedule when you’ll work on your key priorities for each day, and where your ‘buffer zone’ will be for anything that over-runs
  • Forward-planning for future deadlines and scheduling online meetings/calls to support your workflow during this timeline
  • Recognising that there may be some tasks which now take longer to complete because key stakeholders are also working remotely…allow a contingency for this

Inner Drive

Our Inner Drive Pillar draws on our self-belief and motivation.  Support this pillar by:

  • Taking time each day to reflect on the new skills you’re learning – what themes can you see here?
  • Noticing what’s going well and viewing any challenging aspects as an opportunity to learn new skills
  • Focusing on how you can blend your expanding skill-set with your existing knowledge to form a bigger, better, brighter version of you!

Flexible Thinking

Our Flexible Thinking Pillar centres on our ability to think laterally and creatively.  Support this pillar by:

  • Reaching out to different colleagues and asking for their feedback or input into what you’re working on
  • Setting some time aside to read articles or listen to podcasts which offer broader learning
  • Moving your workspace closer to a window and inviting some blue-sky thinking!

Strong Relationships

Our Strong Relationships Pillar is about the give and take of connecting with others.  Support this pillar by:

  • Having regular conversations with your team and colleagues to work through any bottle-necks, before they become a problem
  • Taking time to check in personally with each other, in addition to getting the job done
  • Managing expectations of friends/family who might also live with you. When do you need to be head down and in the zone, and when are you free to chat?


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