Menopause Awareness

Building a supportive working environment for women during menopause

Menopause is a normal and natural stage in a woman’s life when the levels of her hormones fluctuate and decrease, before they find a new sense of balance. Every woman’s response to these hormonal fluctuations is individual. Whilst some women may experience just a few easy-to-manage symptoms, others may experience many of the 30+ recognised symptoms. This can cause a strain on her work and home life, as well as affect her long-term health.

This programme has been specifically designed to raise understanding of menopause. With greater awareness of common symptoms, and lifestyle and workplace solutions, women can continue to perform at their best, and managers and work colleagues can better support women at this time.

Course outcomes:

  • Understand the key facts about menopause
  • Address the taboos of talking about menopause
  • Recognise common symptoms of menopause
  • Find out about potential long-term health considerations
  • Learn about the potential impact on work and home life
  • Implement practical solutions for the workplace
  • Access both medical and non-medical support to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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