New website

Our new look for 2017

One of the most important aspects of building resilience is knowing when it’s time to move on and embrace something new.  As technology evolves and habits change, an increasing amount of existing and prospective clients approach us through our website.  So, it was important to us that this continue to reflect us at our best.  As with many things in today’s fast-changing world, what was previously of-the-moment can gradually date.  This was where we found ourselves with our website.

Never ones to shy away from challenge, in mid 2016 we got together with our technical design team and started working through the different options open to us.  Ultimately, what we arrived at was not just a new website, but a fully re-branded image.  Quite a make-over!  We’re absolutely delighted with our new end product – not just the modern look and feel of the different pages, but also how well they show-case what we do best.

Our popular diagnostics – The Wellbeing Audit and My Resilience – continue to sit alongside a suite of other services and resources which our clients can draw on to build wellbeing and resilience at all levels of their organisation.

We hope that you’ll take a moment to check out our new look for 2017!

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