Reset:  Life after lockdown

Duration:  Managers 90 mins

All Employees 60 mins

Delivery: Virtual classroom up to 20 participants

Virtual Event up to 100 participants

Resilience Coaching

Course Overview

The challenge of lockdown has been immense.

Individuals, teams and leaders have had to adapt, and adapt fast, to an unprecedented level of disruption. At the same time, each one of us has had our own personal journey through CV-19.

We are now entering the next phase. But with so much left to process and so much still unclear, how do we find solid ground?

To meet these pressing challenges, we have launched Reset. Designed by Dr Frances Dodd, leading business psychologist and expert in resilience, this essential programme is packed full of insight, tools and techniques so that people throughout your organisation can move confidently forward, whatever lies ahead.

Reset is available in 2 formats:

  • for leaders and managers
  • for all employees

Course Benefits

  • Share challenges and learning from the lockdown experience
  • Build awareness and understanding of the emotional rollercoaster of CV-19
  • Acknowledge the accomplishments and strengths demonstrated through lockdown
  • Find purpose and meaning as you look to the future
  • Take control of your mood to reflect rather than ruminate
  • Adopt healthy micro-habits to positively adapt and adjust to future changes
  • Develop a robust Reset Plan to recover and recharge from CV-19
  • Understand the causes of stress within your organisation to mitigate against a decline in wellbeing (leaders programme)
  • Build team morale and spirit to support recovery (leaders programme)