Paternity Leave – Supporting Managers

Duration: 90 minutes
Suitable for: All employees
Paternity Leave - Supporting Managers

Whilst the news of a baby arriving is a joyful thing, for a Line Manager, the announcement may bring uncertainty, and even fear. What to say, how to say it, and how to deal with a member of the team who is expecting to be a parent can often be daunting.

Course Overview

This 90-minute workshop will help Line Managers to ensure that they are both supported and supportive, and that they clearly understand how to deal with leaving and returning parents in order to maintain harmony for both the team and the individual.

This session offers the line manager the opportunity to:

  • Ask the ‘unaskable’ questions in a safe environment
  • Explore what is expected of them
  • Share fears and concerns for their team
  • Plan their own strategies
  • Ask for further support if required