Deborah Wright

Facilitator and Mental Health Trainer

Deborah is a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England Licensed Instructor and is approved to deliver the Adult and Youth two-day MHFA First Aider, one-day MHFA Champion and half-day Awareness workshops in both formats.  Deborah has over twenty years’ experience working in Mental Health services so brings background knowledge and experience from a non-clinical perspective into the workshops which aids the delivery of the (often) sensitive nature of the course content.

Deborah’s aim is to create a conducive learning environment where attendees feel safe and supported whilst covering the subject of mental health.  Deborah is experienced in facilitating to individuals and teams across a wide range of demographics.  Her workshops are delivered in a structured, sensitive and supportive manner tinged with an element of fun (where practical).

Deborah is a keen advocate of lifelong learning.  Deborah is passionate about raising awareness and educating people about mental wellbeing.  Deborah has an MBA and holds a teaching qualification.  She is also a volunteer for a national bereavement organisation.