Emily Jarrett

Business Psychologist and Account Manager

Emily has a background in selection and assessment, with a focus on psychometric testing. She is a Business Psychologist and is particularly experienced in personality assessment, the measurement of organisational culture, and designing Situational Judgement Tests, and has worked with clients from both the public and private sector in these areas.

Passionate about psychological wellbeing, Emily believes in helping others to enjoy and find meaning from their work, and to avoid any negative impacts of work on employee mental health. To pursue this further, she is also soon to embark on training in counselling.

Emily has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Kent, and an MSc in Organisational Psychology from City University of London, during which she researched the relationships between psychological resilience, wellbeing, detachment from work and rumination in professional dancers. A keen dancer herself, Emily is also a keen advocate of the benefits of yoga and mindfulness on mental wellbeing. Emily also holds the BPS Test User qualifications and is a certified practitioner of the OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire).