Jan Rilatt

Specialist Trainer and Facilitator

Jan is an experienced trainer and facilitator based in North East Lincolnshire who specialises in issues linked to self-harm and suicide awareness. Jan also offers training linked to emotional health and well-being and as such has numerous qualifications in this field including a Diploma in CBT and Coaching as well as Certificates in Counselling and Interpersonal Skills.

Her aim is to help people with their personal growth and development through empowerment, enabling and encouragement. Her qualifications and skills as a Life Coach enable her to enjoy helping people get from where they currently are in life to where they’d like to be. In addition to the above topics, her niche includes overcoming fear and anxiety, managing stress, work-life balance, interpersonal communication skills and managing change.

Jan feels it’s important to provide a supportive experience for delegates attending training sessions, especially those around emotive topics such as self-harm and suicide alertness. She is a registered trainer authorised to deliver Living Works safeTALK (Suicide Awareness for Everyone) programme.

When not training, her interests include lifelong learning, hiking, cycling and travelling, as well as being involved with the local community.