Lou Kennedy

Executive Coach and Trainer

Lou has extensive experience both as an executive coach and facilitator across a broad spectrum of sectors including IT, Financial Services, Utilities, Public Sector and Education.  Her focus is supporting individuals to develop key leadership skills, be this through one-to-one coaching or through wider group facilitation.

Lou is accredited through CMI and is an NLP and MBTI Practitioner. She is known for her ability to ‘tune in’ to patterns of behaviour and so helps individuals to identify aspects of their performance which may be holding them back. As a facilitator, her relaxed and engaging style create the ideal environment for individuals to ‘stretch’ and learn new skills.

As a coach she adopts an approach of appreciative enquiry, taking time to understand clients by encouraging open conversations that uncover issues requiring attention. Her particular interest in Emotional Intelligence allows her to help individuals to explore their personal motivations and triggers and she has a strong reputation for supporting individuals to challenge preconceived assumptions.

Lou passionately believes that people have both the skills and where-with-all to work through their own challenges, it just takes the right question, at the right time, to help them unlock the answer. In this way, she describes herself as a safe-cracker.