Nathalie Joel-Smith

Facilitator and Trainer

Nathalie delivers engaging and informative sessions to help people harness greater wellbeing in their professional and personal lives.

Having spent 5 years working for a Learning and Development consultancy in London, she understands the challenges of integrating new habits into business, and is committed to delivering practical solutions to promote happier, healthier and more productive working environments.

With a variety of experience working in vibrant industries such as Marketing, PR and the Performing Arts, Nathalie recognises the importance of cultivating resilience to support creativity, enjoyment and the fulfillment of potential.

Nathalie also has 6 years of experience as a yoga and movement teacher, working with a wide range of clients, including performing arts students, care homes, sports clubs and businesses. She runs wellbeing retreats, as well as trains and mentors new Yoga teachers.

The science of Body and Mind inform the modern movement practice she teaches, while drawing on wisdom from Eastern philosophy as it relates to our current lives.

Nathalie leads movement classes and wellbeing workshops that are relevant and accessible to modern life. She is passionate about helping people discover healthy, efficient habits and presence of mind, to reduce feelings of stress and enhance calm, and clarity.