Team Resilience

Duration:  3.5 hours
Participants: 10-12
Suitable for: Teams (including the manager)
Team Resilience

Course Overview

Times remain tough in business and change looks to be a constant factor in the workplace. The high performance of teams is critical to business success and resilience is the most fundamental aspect of achieving sustained excellence.

Resilient teams share a culture of respect, honesty and trust.  They are deeply committed to both business and team goals, work hard to support one another in achieving them and take a collective responsibility for both successes and failures.  They embrace diversity, play to their strengths, and constructively challenge one another.  Last but not least, they treat setbacks as learning opportunities, constantly looking for ways to improve, adapt and grow.

Team Resilience is a highly interactive half-day course with a personalized debrief prior to the session.  Using the world’s leading thinking styles assessment tool (the Herrmann Brain Diagnostic Instrument®), participants will improve their understanding of the team dynamics, respect for diversity and challenges associated with convergent thinking.

Armed with these new insights the team can assess their current level of resilience and come up with specific strategies to strengthen it, whilst also working on a live business challenge to embed the ‘whole-brained’ thinking approach and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and ultimately performance of the whole team.

Course Benefits

By the end of Team Resilience you will be able to:

  • Understand why your team behaves as it does ie. the team dynamics
  • Explore how that dynamic changes when under pressure and how it manifests itself in the team
  • Recognise the strengths, development areas and potential blind spots of the team in relation to resilience
  • Learn to respect the differences in the team and how to harness one another’s strengths
  • Minimise potential conflict areas whilst embracing constructive feedback and challenges
  • Improve communication, decision-making, problem-solving and creativity
  • Apply Whole Brain Thinking® to any major stressor or potential stressor in your business and experience the benefit first-hand
  • Go forward with confidence knowing how to maximise the resilience of your team and hence deliver sustainable excellence and high performance.
HBDI Certified