Wraw Employee Wellbeing Platform

The Wraw Platform and App put your people in control of their wellbeing. A fully scalable wellbeing solution, the platform combines robust wellbeing analytics with personalised learning pathways for employees and managers.

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Data-led wellbeing
The data from Wraw allows me to engage with employees on a much deeper level. We work together to identify achievable action plans to help increase resilience and wellbeing.
Building a culture of wellbeing
Wraw supported an open and honest discussion about how we behave as individuals and as a team, and the environment we create for our workforce.
New hope for the workplace
I am so grateful for you all – this has given me new hope in humanity at work.
A better place for leadership
The 5 Pillars define how I am in myself. I’m more able to understand and support others, while being in a better place from which to offer leadership.
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Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos, MBA
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Employee wellbeing analytics

At the heart of The Wraw Platform is a powerful psychometric tool that gives employees personalised data on their current levels of resilience and wellbeing, benchmarked against global workers.

5 pillars of resilience sten scores

While most wellbeing surveys measure the impact of pressure, The Wraw Psychometric measures the coping strategies that will protect an individual against current and future pressure.


The average ROI for organisation-wide early wellbeing interventions that support cultural change.

Deloitte 2022

Evidence-based models

The Wraw Wellbeing Platform and App develops employee wellbeing and resilience across The 5 Pillars of Resilience.

A scientifically validated, evidence-based model, The 5 Pillars of Resilience is a holistic framework that demystifies resilience, and zeroes in on what actually matters. It is about how your employees think and act on a daily basis, and the small changes that can make a big difference to their wellbeing and their performance.



Personalised wellbeing pathways

The Wraw Platform generates personalised wellbeing pathways based on individual psychometric results.

Personalised wellbeing pathwaysEach pathway develops the skills of resilience so that employees can proactively manage current and future challenges, and raise performance in a sustainable way.

A selection of multimedia resources including videos, audios, articles, daily learning bites and reflective exercises enable individuals to focus on their real need.

Specialist leader resources

Leaders and managers have access to specialist resources to lead team resilience. These leader resources focus on the key skills. How to:

  • hold a an effective 1:1 conversation about wellbeing
  • embed wellbeing into the team conversation
  • proactively build team resilience
Mood Mapping

Our mood is an important indicator of how we are managing pressure. If we are under too much strain, we are likely to feel stressed out or exhausted.

Our Mood Mapping Tool enables employees to track and manage their mood and make small changes every day to stay in peak performance.

mood map

A whole organisation approach

3 user levels for individuals, managers and HQ

Wraw ensures everyone in your organisation has the wellbeing analytics and resources they need to build a truly resilient organisation.

There are 3 dashboards:

Wraw You

Empower your employees to build their resilience and maximise their wellbeing. Wraw psychometric analytics create personalised learning pathways to proactively build the skills of resilience that protect against stress, and maintain high performance.

Wraw Leader

Team leaders play a fundamental role in shaping the culture of your organisation. Wraw Leader brings together specialist resources to develop the essential skills of resilient leadership, and enable managers to build a high performing culture rooted in team wellbeing.

Wraw HQ

The Wraw HQ dashboard is for Wellbeing Leads, the HR team, commissioners or senior sponsors. It brings together aggregated wellbeing analytics and survey tools to measure and track employee wellbeing.

Expert support every step of the way

From the moment you sign up, you’ll have the specialist support you need to ensure success. Hassle-free implementation, tailored resources, tech support and ongoing expert advice are just some of the ways we’ll keep you moving forward as you build a sustainable culture of resilience for your business.

Flexible pricing

No two organisations are the same. We tailor Wraw to ensure you meet your long-term wellbeing goals, and we offer flexible pricing models so you get the best fit solution for your business.

Next generation employee wellbeing

To find out more about how the Wraw Platform and App builds the resilience of employees, and empowers leaders to build a team climate of wellbeing, watch the video below.


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To find out more about how the Wraw platform unlocks employee wellbeing, get in touch.