Can Digital Tech Aid Wellbeing?

For better or worse, digital is integrated into the fabric of modern society, both in our work and personal lives. On a single mobile device, the fusion of professional and private is evident; many of us will receive work emails on our phones as well as having wellbeing apps, perhaps for fitness or productivity.

Digital tech can be a real boost to wellbeing, but, when there are so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. So what do those in the know favour when it comes to wellbeing apps? We asked our team members to share the tech they like best and why

  • I have used the Headspace app, MyFitnessPal and also often use Runkeeper. – Becky Tilney
  • I use Endomondo for my fitness and wellbeing. It’s really easy to use and accurate. It’s also free from the android play store. – Helen Brown
  • I use Map My Walk so I can keep track of ‘proper’ walking that I do in a day. It gives me map of where I’ve been, gradient, distance and time. It’s very useful and, I think, better than a step counter, which doesn’t differentiate between brisk walking and pottering about the house.  Jo Fielder
  • I do home yoga practice with an app called ‘Find What Feels Good’. I highly recommend it.  Helen Beckingham
  • The biggest change I have made is moving the phone charger downstairs and buying a cheap alarm clock on Amazon. This makes it hard for me to surf social media in the evenings, and creates the space to read. I am usually in bed and reading by 2120 and lights out 2140. If I don’t get into that routine, getting up at 0530 becomes difficult. I’ve developed that routine using the Productive App.  Roderic Yapp
  • I use the ‘Productive’ app as a way of tracking habits I am keen to build. You can personalise it and use it as a check to see how you’re measuring up against your ‘intended habits’. – Roderic Yapp
  • I use Headspace for Mindfulness, which is good but not free once you get past the first area. The Fitbit app is great, but you need to purchase a Fitbit to get the best out of it. The Calm app is good for relaxation. – Jeanette Pratt
  • I use my Apple watch for tracking/counting my steps. It reminds me to stand up and walk around if I’ve been sedentary for too long, which I find really helpful as it can be easy to lose hours glued to the office chair. – Gemma Walton
  • I use Headspace every day. Otherwise, I make a conscious effort to switch off from phone use outside of work time. – Jo Houchin

It is not only individuals who can benefit from apps. We shared this article on our LinkedIn company page recently about how apps are helping HR and employers to approach wellbeing at work.


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