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Financial Wellbeing

In person training
Online workshops
Webinar events

Our financial wellbeing experts deliver workshop and coaching programs to help your people build a more secure financial future.


An Introduction to Financial Wellbeing

Course outcomes

  • Understanding importance of financial resilience
  • Know your money mindset
  • Build emergency funds
  • Use tech to support your financial goals
  • Take control of your borrowing
  • Take stock of your pension
  • Become investment ready


Money and Mental Health

Course outcomes

  • Understand impact of the cost-of-living crisis
  • Understand the psychology of money
  • Build money confidence
  • Know where to go for further support


Savings and Investments

Course outcomes

  • Know how to save smartly
  • Understand the key principles of investment
  • Understand different options for investment
  • Know where to go for individual advice
  • Understand pensions as a vehicle for investment


Money Management

Course outcomes

  • Build a solid foundation for the future
  • Know how to complete a budget review and make the most of your money
  • Build a savings habit
  • Know how to borrow successfully
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50 Ways to Make Your Money Work Harder

Course outcomes

Discover 50 practical money savings tips covering a broad range of everyday subjects including:

  • Food shopping
  • Christmas
  • Holidays
  • Credit
  • Savings
  • Online Purchases
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Employee Benefits

Course outcomes

  • Understand the financial employee benefits provided by your organisation
  • Discover how to maximise employee benefits through informed decisions
  • Explore how employee benefits align with your long-term financial goals
  • Identify available resources within your organisation
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Retirement Planning

Course outcomes

  • Know the advantages of pensions over other investment options
  • Optimise contributions for maximum returns
  • Keep track of and leverage old and new pensions effectively
  • Explore diverse options as you near retirement
  • Understand pension tax efficiencies
  • Understand the options, benefits and rules around pension drawdowns
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Debt Management

Course outcomes

  • Learn how to make your credit score work in your favour
  • Understand how to make your debts run more efficiently
  • Discover how to make your mortgage work smarter
  • Know what to do if you’re facing financial difficulty
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Mortgages and Homebuying

Course outcomes

  • Explore how to get started on the housing ladder
  • Plan your future journey with clarity
  • Understand the principles of re-mortgaging
  • Discover practical methods to clear your mortgage faster
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1:1 Financial Coaching

Our expert Financial Coaches build knowledge and confidence around finances. Each session is tailored to build clarity on financial goals and build a personal action plan for success.

Coaching outcomes

  • Review current financial position
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Consider financial options
  • Agree a personal action plan

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Our team are on hand to answer your questions and tailor a financial wellbeing programme for your organisation.

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Talk through your requirements with one of our friendly team.

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Talk through your requirements with one of our friendly team.

Money and mental health

The session was incredibly valuable and insightful. It provided an in-depth exploration of the link between money and mental health, offering practical strategies and insights. The content was thought-provoking and relevant. I would highly recommend this session to anyone.

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