Manager development

In a fast-paced business environment, managers face big challenges: absence, burnout, performance, conflict. Our specialist training equips managers with the expertise to lead healthy team performance.

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All our programmes are tailorable to the individual needs of organisations

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Our programmes are available both online and in person across the UK and around the world.

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Specialist Facilitators

Our specialist facilitators have worked with some of the biggest brands to develop thriving team cultures.

100% positive feedback
The workshop went really well. And from the 100% positive comments received, I’m sure that those attending found it incredibly useful.  
A non-judgmental approach
The Wellbeing Project has a committed, non-judgmental approach that fosters open and constructive conversations around wellbeing.
A partner of high quality

From the start, it was obvious we had found a partner of high quality who truly cared about the effectiveness of their training and helping us as a company.

Karen Armitage
Birmingham Association of School Business Management
Julia Stevenson
Scottish Water
Vikki England
WL Gore & Associates
Manager training

Enabling healthy team performance


Our manger training develops ‘human-centric managers who know how to lead through change,  unlock the potential of their team and maintain healthy performance. Choose from a selection of modules below.

the human-centric manager

Psychological Safety

In person and online training

A psychologically safe environment is crucial for team performance. In this powerful group workshop, your managers will learn how to promote trust, respect and open communication, and create an innovative team culture.

Course outcomes

  • Understand how psychological safety drives team performance.
  • Explore the role that managers play in creating psychological safety.
  • Build awareness of behaviours that impact psychological safety.
  • Know how to create a culture of psychological safety.
Wellbeing Conversations

In person and online training

Effective managers pay attention to their team’s wellbeing and notice when people struggle. They have the confidence to lead conversations about team wellbeing on a regular basis.

Course outcomes

  • Know how to hold conversations about wellbeing.
  • Understand the importance of healthy boundaries.
  • Recognise unhelpful roles that managers can unconsciously adopt.
  • Master the art of effective signposting.
Feedback Culture

In person and online training

Feedback is the essential ingredient of continuous improvement. ‘Feedback Culture’ supports managers to embed feedback into their team’s way of working.

Course outcomes

  • Discover the power of feedback to transform team performance. ​
  • Know how to engage team members in the feedback process
  • Create an environment where open and honest feedback is encouraged.​
  • Develop the skills to provide feedback that drives growth of team members.
Pressure to Performance

In person and online training

High performing managers know how to proactively manage pressure and maintain an enabling team environment.

Course outcomes

  • Understand how team performance is affected by pressure and stress.​
  • Identify pressure points that drive stress in your team.​
  • Know how to provide support to prevent burnout.​
  • Develop ways of working that support healthy boundaries.
The Coaching Approach

In person and online training

In a rapidly changing business environment it isn’t enough to ‘manage’ your direct reports. High performing managers know how to coach. ‘The Coaching Approach’ develops the skill to unlock the full potential of the team.

Course outcomes

  • Discover how coaching can transform management style. ​
  • Master the art of active listening and questioning techniques that motivate change.​
  • Identify thinking patterns that stand in the way of progress.​
  • Know how to challenge your team and inspire growth.​
  • Create tailored plans to support the development of the team​.
Navigating Change

In person and online training

If change is poorly managed, it increases stress and drives resistance. ‘Navigating Change’ enables managers need to support their team effectively through change.

Course outcomes

  • Understand emotional reactions and resistance to change.
  • Increase awareness of the impact of management behaviours.
  • Know how to support the team through change​.
  • Enable teams to thrive through fast-paced change
1:1 Coaching for Managers

Building Inner Resilience

Our unique approach to manager coaching starts with a psychometric assessment of their resilience. This insight into their behaviour and mindset supports a highly focused coaching programme.

  • Understand current coping strategies.
  • Set in motion sustainable behavioural change.
  • Gain awareness of barriers and limiting beliefs.
  • Build healthy micro-habits.
  • Develop confidence and motivation.
  • Role model healthy performance.
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