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Employee Wellbeing Programmes

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Our employee wellbeing workshops offer comprehensive support to protect against stress and burnout. Whether you want to build the resilience of your people, optimise their wellbeing or increase their financial wellbeing, there is a programme for you.

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Why is employee wellbeing important?

Employee wellbeing and resilience are rising up the strategic agenda. The cost to businesses of poor employee mental health has risen to a record £53- 56 billion.

The good news is that employers who invest in staff wellbeing see a return of £5.30 on average for every £1 invested.



33% of employees would like more mental health support from their employer

Deloitte, 2022

Digital and in person wellbeing programmes

36% of UK working adults use digital wellbeing tools to support their mental health.

The Wellbeing Project combines both in person and digital wellbeing solutions. This ‘best of both’ approach provides personalised support at scale.


36% of UK working adults use digital wellbeing tools to support their mental health.

Deloitte, 2022

A team of workplace wellbeing specialists

The Wellbeing Project is passionate about workplace wellbeing. We are a team of business psychologists and wellbeing specialists. Our evidence-based programmes support lasting behavioural change.


Measurable results

What gets measured gets done. We use robust data to measure the impact of our wellbeing programmes. The Wraw Psychometric gives powerful insight into the wellbeing of your staff.

Building a culture of wellbeing

Wraw supported an open and honest discussion about how we behave as individuals and as a team, and the environment we create for our workforce.

Solutions for a hybrid world

The Wellbeing Project carried out a Wellbeing Audit for us, and we now have a range of initiatives to support staff irrespective of their location or work pattern.

A non-judgmental approach

The Wellbeing Project has a committed, non-judgmental approach that fosters open and constructive conversations around wellbeing.

100% positive feedback

The workshop went really well.

And from the 100% positive comments received, I’m sure that those attending found it incredibly useful.


A partner of high quality

From the start, it was obvious we had found a partner of high quality who truly cared about the effectiveness of their training and helping us as a company.

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