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How to build a resilient organisation with Wraw

Kelly understands just how connected work and wellbeing are. Their mission is to connect people with work in ways that enrich their lives. So, it’s unsurprising that they take the wellbeing and resilience of their own people seriously.

Samantha Evans, Vice President, Solution Enablement Lead at Kelly, kick-started a wellness programme to build connections across a matrix organisation, and improve employee engagement and retention. We talked to her to find out why she chose the Wraw Accreditation programme, and how she uses the Wraw psychometric tool to create change.

Why did you choose Wraw Accreditation?

I was leading my wellness programme based on team feedback, what I found on the internet, and various books I read. Wraw Accreditation built my understanding of resilience and how it is linked to performance, and how we can bridge the gap to look after the whole person in the workplace. I now have a toolbox of activities and workshops to help drive education and engagement with our wellness programme.

What did you enjoy most about the Accreditation programme?

The Wraw programme is very interactive. There were a lot of opportunities for hands on learning which really helped to reinforce the theory and the models we were learning.

Since I completed the programme, the Wraw coaches have been great at providing ongoing support, and there have been regular catch-ups with the wider practitioner network.

How have you gone on to use Wraw at Kelly?

I have used Wraw in a couple of ways. We’ve incorporated a Wraw module into our Leadership Academy syllabus, a program that identifies future leaders of our organisation. I also carry out 1-2-1 reports for individuals. Moving forward we are going to be using some of the Wraw workshops to support the integration of new teams into the organisation.

What impact has this had so far?

We’re seeing a better understanding of the actions everyone can take to build their resilience. There’s also a much greater awareness of what to look out for in others who may be suffering from dips in their resilience and wellbeing.

How has Wraw supported your ongoing professional development?

I believe I’m a better leader because of Wraw. I have a much deeper understanding of the link between wellbeing, resilience, and performance. This has given me a whole new perspective on my team and how to support them to perform at their best.

What would you say to someone considering Wraw Accreditation?

In the current climate, adapting to a post COVID world, the need to support our people is paramount. The knowledge and tools of Wraw allow us to support the whole person as we continue to adapt to the changing needs of society.

How can we help?

To ask a question, or to find out more about programmes, get in touch.