Health and Wellbeing @ Work 2017

We’re delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Health And Wellbeing @ Work conference, at the NEC on 7th and 8th March.

The two-day programme looks set to provide some key insights and knowledge around all aspects of workplace wellbeing.   If you’re coming along, why not call by and say hello to us on stand 126?

Salt Awareness Week – Top Tips To Reduce Your Salt Intake

The 18th National Salt Awareness Week will run 20-26 March 2017.  While many people may already be aware of the health concerns associated with eating too much salt, they are sometimes surprised to learn that around 75% of the salt we consume is already hidden in the food we buy.  This can make reducing your salt intake a little more difficult than you might think. The Food Standards Agency says adults should consume no more than 6g of salt a day which is the equivalent to about one teaspoon.

Our in-house nutritionists are always keen to share everyday ways to make healthier choices.  Here are some top tips to help you to reduce your salt intake:

  • Avoid adding salt when you’re cooking – lemon, garlic and other spices are an alternative way to add flavour to your dish
  • Ditch the ready meals – these are well-known for their high salt content. It may take a little extra planning, but your body will thank you for it
  • Swap everyday condiments such as ketchup for home-made sauces, salad dressings and salsas. Made in small batches, these can be kept in the fridge for you to dip into when you need them

Find out more about Salt Awareness Week here:

Open Courses

Train The Trainer – Making Your Budget Go Further

Since our beginnings in 2007, it has always been our approach to dove-tail our services and resources with what our clients already have in place, evolving and developing our offer so that it flexes to fit their emerging requirements.   This ensures a cost-efficient solution that allows them to provide their staff with a joined-up approach to building wellbeing and resilience in both themselves and their teams.

In line with this ethos of providing tailored, flex-to-fit solutions, several of our most popular programmes are offered in both a standard and a Train The Trainer format.  What this means is that as well as providing external facilitators we are also able to build the capability of our clients’ internal teams to deliver select resilience programmes, too.  For an increasing number of our clients, this is proving to be a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to making their wellbeing budget work harder.  Not only that, it builds internal capability in an area of development which is increasingly being linked to the longer-term, sustainable performance of organisations across both the public and private sectors.

Completing a Train The Trainer module with us is straightforward and simple.  Nominated trainers within our client organisation complete a Delegate Day with us, followed by a Trainer Day during which they build their knowledge and confidence to deliver a full day resilience workshop in their own right.   As accredited trainers, they are provided with a web link to a bespoke trainer page which houses slides, facilitator notes, and handouts – all the materials they need to support them in their own independent delivery.  Access to our online diagnostic, My Resilience, will give trainers the additional option of creating and managing their own resilience surveys to build awareness and support on-going, targeted delivery.  As trainers grow in confidence they can add additional, complementary trainer modules to their portfolios, such as Team Resilience and Resilient Leadership.

The clients who have adopted this approach have noted some key benefits of building their internal capability.  As anyone who already has such a practice in place will know, strengthening you internal capability can optimise cost efficiencies while also building the internal organisational knowledge base and providing select trainers with an ideal opportunity to extend and enhance their own personal development too.

So, if you find yourself currently considering where and how to effectively channel your training budget, selecting a Train The Trainer package to support wellbeing and resilience might be something to think about.

To find out more about our Train The Trainer package, please see our website.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly by email:


“In order to achieve our aim to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and inspire millions of others to do the same we need to make sure that we’re looking after our employees’ health and wellbeing. Senior Management were keen to find out how we could best support our staff to do this and we engaged The Wellbeing Project to help us to audit how staff felt about wellbeing in the workplace…

As a result we now have a range of initiatives available to staff including bite-size, half-day and full-day  workshops to suit staff, irrespective of their location or work pattern. We are now discussing alternative ways of delivering workshops such as podcasts and webinars to reach as much of our workforce as possible.”

Jacqui Bailie, HR Manager, Operations, Macmillan Cancer Support

The Wellbeing Project

Fatherhood penalty

It was disappointing to see the findings of the 2017 Modern Families Index by work-life charity Working Families and Bright Horizons.

It found that workplaces run the risk of creating a ‘fatherhood penalty’ by failing to adapt for working fathers who want to play a more active role in childcare.

The report said that 47% of working fathers would like to downshift to a less stressful job and 38% would take a pay cut to improve their work-life balance. Millennial fathers were more likely than older ones to consider compromising on their career for the sake of family time.

It also found that 44% of fathers have bent the truth or lied to their employer about family-related responsibilities that ‘get in the way’ of work.

We think that workplace culture needs to change to ensure that work-life balance is better. The smart organisations will recognise this – those who fail to adapt may find they miss out on the best talent.

The Wellbeing Project

Is work making you ill?

More than half of employees said that work makes them more physically unwell than anything in their personal lives, according to research from Bupa UK.

And of the 2,000 workers surveyed, 51% said work stress kept them awake at night.

We were unsurprised to see that three-quarters of the workforce want their employer to give them more support.

The findings suggest there is an urgent business need for organisations to better understand and address the wellbeing needs of their workforce.

The Wellbeing Project

Wellbeing award

Sam will be presenting the wellbeing award at the Employee Engagement Awards 2016 at a glittering ceremony in London on 26 January.

She was hugely impressed by the calibre of entries to the category and her job as judge wasn’t made easy.

Those who have been shortlisted for the wellbeing award are: Golding Homes, Lansons, University of Lincoln and Westfield Health.

It’s set to be an exciting and inspirational night with strong candidates in all 16 categories.

New website

Our new look for 2017

One of the most important aspects of building resilience is knowing when it’s time to move on and embrace something new.  As technology evolves and habits change, an increasing amount of existing and prospective clients approach us through our website.  So, it was important to us that this continue to reflect us at our best.  As with many things in today’s fast-changing world, what was previously of-the-moment can gradually date.  This was where we found ourselves with our website.

Never ones to shy away from challenge, in mid 2016 we got together with our technical design team and started working through the different options open to us.  Ultimately, what we arrived at was not just a new website, but a fully re-branded image.  Quite a make-over!  We’re absolutely delighted with our new end product – not just the modern look and feel of the different pages, but also how well they show-case what we do best.

Our popular diagnostics – The Wellbeing Audit and My Resilience – continue to sit alongside a suite of other services and resources which our clients can draw on to build wellbeing and resilience at all levels of their organisation.

We hope that you’ll take a moment to check out our new look for 2017!


Flourish wellbeing workshops – free gift

Our Flourish wellbeing workshops are designed to help you optimise your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing thereby dramatically improving your quality of life. A suite of 8 workshops, they can be run together or as stand-alone learning events. These sessions are deliberately short, sharp, highly interactive and packed with tools, tips and strategies you can use in your daily lives, both at work and at home.

As a special offer, we would like to offer an additional 5 respondents a preferential discount of 20% off a full day of Flourish workshops (4 x 1.5 hour workshops). Please contact: to be one of the lucky 5 to register your booking for 2017.

Embracing change

Changes ahead in 2017

2016 was indeed a busy year – shifts in the political and economic landscape have influenced many different aspects of our personal and professional lives and 2017 looks set to continue in a similar vein.

Working with our clients last year, we noticed a number of themes coming to the fore, noticeably that of change, and the challenges of ambiguity that can bring. We were also invited to speak at a number of conferences on the topic of wellbeing and resilience – it would seem that both the private and the public sector are more conscious than ever of their own changing landscapes and are keen to ensure they put the right measures in place to rise to challenge and embrace the changes they see ahead.

Of course, one big change in 2016 was the result of the Brexit Referendum and it’s that particular topic that saw us speaking at Brexit: The Employers’ Summit – Preparation, Planning and Policy in London and also provided the focus for two of our recent Pulse posts:

Brexit And Wellbeing At Work

Brexit – Navigating Uncertainty

Business gurus regularly cite that if there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s change. While it’s likely that 2017 will present many challenges for business, there will undoubtedly be as many opportunities, too.   The secret to taking advantage of those lies in being ‘match-fit’ and ready to seize that opportunity when it’s right in front of us, and before it passes us by.  This goes as much for the people within your organisation, as for the processes, procedures, policies and protocols which support them to work at their best and continue to deliver the results that allow your business to develop and grow.

At another recent speaking engagement, the Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum 2016, we shared the stage with business leaders representing Royal Mail, Organix, Wincanton and Nuffield Health, discussing and debating the different aspects which support a robust and sustainable wellbeing strategy.  It was clear from the discussions that taking time to develop and build an interconnected suite of services, resources, expertise and knowledge share around wellbeing afforded a strong and measurable return on investment.   For these organisations, wellbeing was very much on the boardroom agenda, and it was central to successfully embracing change.

If you would like us to find out more about building wellbeing and resilience through change, please contact

Seasonal wishes

Seasonal good wishes

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best to you and your families for a happy New Year.

Thank you to all our clients for trusting in us to support them and help make the journey in 2016 a lot easier, and we welcome those new relationships and projects next year.

The Christmas and New Year break provides many with an opportunity to completely step back from work and switch off from the constant drumbeat of high workloads, pressures and demands.

With all the changes ahead in 2017 we hope you return after your break feeling refreshed and ready for an interesting and challenging year.

The good news is that many organisations are already proactively preparing for these challenges and putting resilience measures in place to protect their employees and drive a healthy high performance culture within the workplace.

Resilience is the cornerstone of high performance and if you’d like to hear more about the types of strategy and effective steps that can be built please contact us now.

All the best,

Sam Fuller

Founder and Director