Embracing change

Changes ahead in 2017

2016 was indeed a busy year – shifts in the political and economic landscape have influenced many different aspects of our personal and professional lives and 2017 looks set to continue in a similar vein.

Working with our clients last year, we noticed a number of themes coming to the fore, noticeably that of change, and the challenges of ambiguity that can bring. We were also invited to speak at a number of conferences on the topic of wellbeing and resilience – it would seem that both the private and the public sector are more conscious than ever of their own changing landscapes and are keen to ensure they put the right measures in place to rise to challenge and embrace the changes they see ahead.

Of course, one big change in 2016 was the result of the Brexit Referendum and it’s that particular topic that saw us speaking at Brexit: The Employers’ Summit – Preparation, Planning and Policy in London and also provided the focus for two of our recent Pulse posts:

Brexit And Wellbeing At Work

Brexit – Navigating Uncertainty

Business gurus regularly cite that if there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s change. While it’s likely that 2017 will present many challenges for business, there will undoubtedly be as many opportunities, too.   The secret to taking advantage of those lies in being ‘match-fit’ and ready to seize that opportunity when it’s right in front of us, and before it passes us by.  This goes as much for the people within your organisation, as for the processes, procedures, policies and protocols which support them to work at their best and continue to deliver the results that allow your business to develop and grow.

At another recent speaking engagement, the Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum 2016, we shared the stage with business leaders representing Royal Mail, Organix, Wincanton and Nuffield Health, discussing and debating the different aspects which support a robust and sustainable wellbeing strategy.  It was clear from the discussions that taking time to develop and build an interconnected suite of services, resources, expertise and knowledge share around wellbeing afforded a strong and measurable return on investment.   For these organisations, wellbeing was very much on the boardroom agenda, and it was central to successfully embracing change.

If you would like us to find out more about building wellbeing and resilience through change, please contact team@thewellbeingproject.co.uk

Seasonal wishes

Seasonal good wishes

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best to you and your families for a happy New Year.

Thank you to all our clients for trusting in us to support them and help make the journey in 2016 a lot easier, and we welcome those new relationships and projects next year.

The Christmas and New Year break provides many with an opportunity to completely step back from work and switch off from the constant drumbeat of high workloads, pressures and demands.

With all the changes ahead in 2017 we hope you return after your break feeling refreshed and ready for an interesting and challenging year.

The good news is that many organisations are already proactively preparing for these challenges and putting resilience measures in place to protect their employees and drive a healthy high performance culture within the workplace.

Resilience is the cornerstone of high performance and if you’d like to hear more about the types of strategy and effective steps that can be built please contact us now.

All the best,

Sam Fuller

Founder and Director