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13 July 2022

How leaders shape the wellbeing culture

4 experts in wellbeing explore how to create a robust and engaged workforce

Leaders have a significant impact on the wellbeing and resilience of employees. According to our latest research, 22% of an individual employee’s wellbeing is attributed to their leader (Wraw Resilience Report 2022). But in a volatile and uncertain business landscape, employee engagement is at risk, job vacancies are at a record high and burnout is on the rise. So, how can leaders meet the wellbeing challenge? And how can they do it in such a way as to drive business performance, and create a robust and engaged workforce?

To tackle this complex question, we brought together a panel of leaders in wellbeing. Together they explored:

  • The hallmarks of truly resilient leaders
  • The barriers and enablers to creating a culture of healthy high performance
  • What leaders can do to avoid being blindsided by burnout and resignations
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