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12 November 2021

How managers create the wellbeing culture

Managers and leaders play an essential role in shaping the culture of a team. In this guide for managers, we look at simple ways they can role model wellbeing and resilience, and create a high performing culture.

Businesses are experiencing a greater rate of change than ever before  – career needs, technological advancements, diversity in the workplace, customer demographics and generational expectations are constantly shifting and evolving. In the face of such widespread change, leaders play an essential role in creating a culture of wellbeing that supports high performance in a healthy and sustainable way.

Leading from the front

Leaders and managers have an opportunity to facilitate a culture that engenders support with open dialogue, respect and recognition for performance. In doing so, they set a series of explicit and implicit permissions for each individual to take steps to promote greater wellbeing in themselves.

There are some simple ways leaders can role model resilient behaviours and personal wellbeing

Prioritise self-care

What simple lifestyle changes can you make to best manage work-home boundaries? What opportunities are there to improve your exercise, sleep, nutrition, and hydration? These aspects of self-care can sometimes slip when we’re busy, and it’s important to nudge them back on track.

Proactively manage pressure

Consider the sources of stress at work and home and decide what you can act on. What is within your control, and what you can influence? Sometimes taking time to order your thoughts allows you to identify where there might be an opportunity to adjust a timeline, ask for help, or manage others’ expectations about how much you can actually do.

Acknowledge your achievements

Take time every day to recognise your achievements. How do these connect with your personal beliefs and values? Remembering our ‘why’ can help us maintain perspective and focus.

Lead the wellbeing conversation

Encourage open dialogue about wellbeing. Talk about what you’re doing, and team members will feel empowered to do the same.

Invite feedback

How might your leadership style impact the wellbeing of your team? Invite feedback and adapt, so you get the most out of your team.

Role modelling wellbeing is not rocket science. It can be built into your everyday behaviours as a leader or manager.  In doing so, you will strengthen your team from the inside out, so that you are better able to navigate the challenges that change can bring.

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