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19 November 2021

The Big 5 Organisational Wellbeing Challenges

Every month, Jo Fielder, our Business Development Lead, speaks to hundreds of HR and L&D teams about the challenges they face in supporting wellbeing in their organisations.

Here, Jo brings together the ‘Big 5’. These are the most pressing challenges that internal teams are facing today as they look to build high performing cultures in a healthy and sustainable way.

1. How do I tailor wellbeing programmes to different needs in my organisation?

In the face of constant change and uncertainty, HR teams know that the wellbeing and resilience of their people are critical. But to plan effectively, they need to understand what’s really going on. Whilst employee engagement surveys provide a good starting point, many are looking for deeper insight to benchmark, measure and tailor interventions for maximum impact.

2. How do I support the resilience of leaders?

When the pandemic struck, everything changed. Faced with a constantly shifting landscape, leaders forged their way ahead, whilst continuing to support their teams. Now it’s time for something for them – space to re-energise, re-focus, re-group and build their own personal resilience for what comes next.

3. In a hybrid world, how do I ensure employee engagement and performance?

After the mass experiment in homeworking, organisations are figuring out how to adapt to more flexible ways of working. This means addressing some big questions. How do you sustain team performance when working remotely? How do you respond to new expectations from employees? What support do people need to stay engaged whether they are at home or in the office?

4. How do I protect our people against the impact of stress and strain?

Levels of stress are rising. The triple blow of uncertainty, disruption and change is leaving working people disengaged and de-energised. Proactive ways to support self-care, manage stress and rebuild resilience are high on the agenda.

5. How can I bridge the wellbeing skills gap?

The spotlight is on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. More than ever, HR and L&D teams have become a listening ear, providing invaluable support across organisations. But many feel they lack adequate training and are now looking at ways to build this vital capability through their organisation. Wellbeing Champion Training, Mental Health First Aiders and Resilience Train The Trainer are all in demand.

Whatever challenges you and your people are facing right now, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. To chat to Jo and her team and find out how we can help, just get in touch.

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