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Leadership Development

Leading organisations in today’s volatile business landscape requires exceptional skill and resilience. We work with organisations to develop the mindset, behaviours and expertise their leaders need to thrive. Our comprehensive approach combines executive coaching and cutting-edge training.

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Fully tailorable

All our programmes are tailorable to the individual needs of organisations

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Flexible delivery

Our programmes are available both online and in person

Executive Coaching

Unlocking healthy performance

Our unique approach to leadership coaching begins with an assessment of their personal resilience.  Your leaders will build vital awareness of the behaviours and thinking patterns that enable them to navigate challenges. Their leadership coach will work to capitalise on their strengths, breakdown limiting beliefs and cultivate powerful new behaviours.

Coaching outcomes

  • Develop greater awareness of habitual responses.
  • Enhance ability to manage stress and adapt to change.
  • Consciously build leader identity.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership.
  • Increase accountability for actions.
  • Gain clarity on goals and align them with values.
Leadership Masterclasses

Strategic Mindset

A strategic approach to leadership is foundational to long-term success. “Strategic Mindset” equips leaders with the mindset and skills they need to navigate complex and dynamic business environments.

Course outcomes

  • Formulate a big picture perspective to complex situations.
  • Respond proactively and flexibly to disruption and uncertainty.
  • Ensure strategic alignment across the team through persuasive communication.
  • Empower teams to take ownership of strategic goals.


Culture of Belonging

A thriving organisation values the unique perspectives and strengths of the people who work there. “Culture of Belonging” equips leaders to foster an environment where difference is celebrated and everyone is included.

Course outcomes

  • Understand how leaders foster an inclusive environment.
  • Recognise unconscious biases.
  • Enhance empathy to appreciate the unique experiences of team members.
  • Implement inclusive communication practices to address unconscious power dynamics.
  • Implement strategies for inclusive decision-making practices.


Conversation Mastery

The ability to engage in open and constructive dialogue is crucial for building strong relationships with your team. ‘Conversation Mastery’ empowers leaders to navigate challenging and sensitive conversations effectively.

Course outcomes

  • Embrace difficult conversations as opportunities for growth.
  • Know how to approach difficult conversations with confidence and clarity.
  • Create a safe and respectful environment.
  • Understand how to manage defensive responses.
  • Recognise emotional triggers.
  • Maintain a solution-focused attitude.
  • Understand how to follow-up.


Psychological Safety

A psychologically safe environment is crucial for team performance. In this powerful group workshop, your leaders will learn how to promote trust, respect and open communication, and create an innovative team culture.

Course outcomes

  • Understand how psychological safety drives team performance.
  • Explore the role that leaders play in creating psychological safety.
  • Build awareness of behaviours that impact psychological safety.
  • Know how to create a culture of psychological safety.


Wellbeing Conversations

Effective leaders pay attention to their team’s wellbeing and notice when people struggle. They have the confidence to lead conversations about team wellbeing on a regular basis.

Course outcomes

  • Know how to hold conversations about wellbeing.
  • Understand the importance of healthy boundaries.
  • Recognise unhelpful roles that leaders can unconsciously adopt.
  • Master the art of effective signposting.


Leading Through Change

If change is poorly managed, it increases stress and drives resistance. ‘Navigating Change’ enables leaders need to support their team effectively through change.

Course outcomes

  • Understand emotional reactions and resistance to change.
  • Increase awareness of the impact of leadership behaviours.
  • Know how to support the team through change​.
  • Enable teams to thrive through fast-paced change
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