Leading for Resilience

Organisations are facing unprecedented upheaval. The pandemic has required many to rethink their business model as they flex and adapt to this new world. At the same time, advances in technology bring as much disruption as they do opportunity, and social and environmental upheaval raises complex challenges waiting to be solved.

In these challenging times, what is it that will enable some organisations to succeed, and shape the future?

A resilient organisation doesn’t just happen. Innovation and creativity come from the people who work there, and this starts with the leaders. Resilient leaders:

  • take control of their energy levels, understanding that without fuel in the tank you’re not going anywhere;
  • have a clear vision for the future and align their teams around it;
  • are values-driven, know how to leverage their strengths and learn through experience;
  • maintain a positive attitude, and are able to flex and adapt to create opportunity from challenge;
  • actively build a robust network of support built on authentic trust.
And lastly, they take the lead in shaping a culture of resilience that runs through every level of the organisation.
Now, more than ever, we need leaders with the mindset and behaviours to steer the way forward, and inspire others to follow. And, the good news is that resilience can be learnt. Every leader can develop the essential traits of resilience.

To meet this challenge, the Wellbeing Project developed Mastering Resilience, a comprehensive resilience and wellbeing solution. It includes 3 powerful programmes for developing the resilience of leaders, as well as coaching, resilience assessments and leader toolkits.

To find out more, download the brochure.

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