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Mental Health First Aider Training

Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) offer valuable first aid to people suffering from mental distress in the workplace and in the community.

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Specialist Facilitators

Our specialist facilitators are experts in mental health in the workplace.

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Flexible Delivery

Our programmes are available both online and in person across the UK.

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MHFA Accredited

Our Mental Health First Aider training is fully accredited by MHFA England.

Mental Health First Aider Training

Mental Health First Aiders play a vital role in supporting the mental wellbeing of an organisation. They build awareness around mental health and offer valuable support when a colleague is struggling.

Our MHFA accredited course is delivered by experts in workplace mental health. Delegates will learn how to:

  • Reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health
  • Offer support to prevent mental health problems from getting worse
  • Provide comfort to colleagues who may be experiencing poor mental health
  • Offer support to preserve life where an individual may be of danger to themselves or others
  • Promote recovery and maintenance of good mental health
  • Build a mentally healthy workplace
Accredited MHFA instructors

Mental health experts

Our instructors are experts in mental health, accredited by MHFA England to deliver MHFA training.

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