Financial Wellbeing

Suitable for: All employees
Duration: Select from 9 x 90-minute sessions
Participants: 18 – 20 maximum

In January 2017, the CIPD commissioned research to look at the impact of poor financial wellbeing on employees.  It found that one in four workers report money worries have affected their ability to do their job, one in ten say they have found it hard to concentrate or make decisions at work because of money worries and 19% have lost sleep worrying about money, all of which impact on productivity.  This provides a compelling case for employers to take steps to improve their workers’ financial wellbeing and by extension their businesses’ bottom line.

Our relationship with money is complicated; we often associate guilt, shame and even fear with this sensitive subject.  Furthermore, money has the potential to limit us, often creating conflict within our relationships and increasing anxiety and worry considerably.

Managed effectively, money can bridge a gap that offers us multiple options and the courage to live and fulfil our dreams and ambitions more easily.

Financial Wellbeing is a series of informative and practical bite-size sessions to help you transform your relationship with money.  These sessions will provide strategies, tools and techniques to get you on track to making the most of all your hard work.

  • Give Yourself A Pay-Rise – making more of what you have
  • Help To Buy – getting on or moving up the housing ladder
  • My Family Money – childcare, protection, spending, saving
  • Pensions Reboot – getting on track for a better retirement
  • Retirement In Sight – planning over 50 finances and lifestyle
  • Getting Back In The Black – tackling debt and becoming better with money
  • Wills – why you need one
  • Financial Planning – tax reliefs and choosing an adviser
  • Understanding The Childcare Voucher Scheme – making sense of tax-free childcare

Please contact us for further details on any of the above workshops, all of which can be mixed and matched to create either a full or half-day selection of sessions to suit your requirements.

Our facilitators are experienced financial professionals and members of the Personal Finance Society. All of their independent advice and recommendations are unbiased. They will gladly signpost any internal organisational employee benefits and resources which will help to assist employees to make great money decisions for the future.