Personal Best Workshops

Duration: 8 workshops
(2 hour sessions)
Participants:  20 max
Suitable for: All employees
Personal Best

PERSONAL BEST is a programme designed to help you optimise healthy high performing habits and styles thereby dramatically improving the quality of your effectiveness, motivation, relationship skills and resilience. PERSONAL BEST is a series of 8 x 2 hour workshops, which are designed to work together but can stand-alone. These 2 hour sessions are deliberately short, sharp, highly interactive and packed with tools, tips and strategies you can use in your daily lives, both at work and at home.

Course Overview

  • Create Time

    Get back in control and get things done!  By adopting a proactive mindset and learning the principles of effective personal management you can prioritise that mountain of tasks, learn to say no diplomatically, delegate the right things to the right people and create the time to focus on what’s really important both personally and professionally.

  • Positive Impact

    The only way you get noticed in business is by making a positive impact and getting recognised for it.  Yet that can be tough in a world full of big personalities!  In this workshop we’ll show you research that proves this isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have.  We will also share strategies with you for how to make it work in ways you are comfortable with whether in one-to-ones, group situations or business-wide.  Where can you add most value and how?

  • Strong Relationships

    Understand the crucial importance of strong relationships and how to significantly improve them. Map your support network, recognise where your strengths and weaknesses lie, consider how to improve certain relationships and discover how to stop the destructive downward spiral which so often occurs in conflict situations and difficult conversations.

  • Effective Communication

    Effective communication is harder than you think! Miscommunication and misunderstandings are commonplace both at work and at home. Learn how to build instant rapport with anyone you meet, discover how to minimise the potential for miscommunication by talking another person’s language, develop highly valuable deep listening skills and nurture empathy, openness, honesty and understanding with everyone around you.

  • No Problem

    Using practical problem solving techniques and structured creative thinking tools, you will learn how to confront challenges from a different perspective. Good decision-making requires a mixture of skills: creative development and identification of options, clarity of judgement, firmness of decision, and effective implementation. Unleash your creative brain in order to solve problems and get un-stuck and move forward fast.

  • Embrace Change

    This insightful workshop will help you personally cope better with change. It will increase your understanding and awareness of change management, give you tools, tips and strategies to help yourself and others at each stage of the change cycle and give you clear guidance on the key priorities when it comes to managing change, however small or large. Leave with the confidence, skills and resources to act as a highly effective individual in times of change.

  • The Art of Persuasion

    The ability to influence others is vital in business and yet it’s a subtle art. Push someone and you get push-back; artfully persuade and you get advocates. Discover the importance of putting yourself in another person’s shoes, understanding the situation from their perspective. Explore ways of determining what makes them tick – what motivates them – and how you can adapt your behaviour to have the greatest impact on them. Last but not least learn how to come up with win/win solutions that keep people on side every time.

  • Calm, Confident and Assertive

    Learn how to be clear about what you want and confident in your ability to get it. Recognise and intercept your own emotional triggers that propel you into a negative state; discover strategies for accessing a calm, resourceful state in an instant; explore lots of tools, tips and strategies for appearing confident and feeling it too; and finally discover how to be assertive without slipping into aggression.