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Manager Training and Coaching

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In a fast-paced business environment, managers face big challenges: absence, burnout, performance, conflict. Our specialist training equips managers with the expertise to lead healthy team performance.

People-Centric Manager Development

We transform managers into highly resilient people leaders. Our management training and coaching develops a core set of skills that managers need to lead their teams.

These essential skills include psychological safety, feedback, coaching, wellbeing conversations, resilience and more.

Your managers will discover how to create a healthy, high performing culture that teams want to be part of.

Our Manager Workshops

Our coaching and training for managers includes a range of powerful modules. We are ready to tailor a programme to meet your specific requirements. Explore our most popular management workshops below.



Your managers will discover how to protect themselves from stress, and role model healthy coping strategies.

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Psychological safety is the foundation for team performance.

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Equip your managers to enable a culture of continuous improvement.

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The ability to manage team pressure is key to unlocking optimum performance.

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Your managers will discover how to empower their team through change.

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The knowledge and confidence to talk to a team about their wellbeing is an essential part of your managers’ toolkit.

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High performing managers know how to coaching their team and unlock new levels of performance.

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Who can benefit from our manager training?

Many managers receive little or no training on how to lead a team. Our manager and leadership development programme is ideal for

  • Supervisors
  • New managers
  • Experienced managers

We develop a core set of people-centric skills that all managers need to create a high performing team culture.

How is our manager training delivered?

We deliver our management training in-house exclusively for organisations. Our specialist team is ready to tailor a programme to meet your specific requirements.

Our manager development courses are available:

  • In house across the UK and around the world
  • Online in a virtual classroom

Our highly experienced facilitators are experts in manager development. They are business psychologists and management experts who have worked across multiple industries and sectors.

What makes our manager training different?

Our team of business psychologists designed this unique management training programme to meet the needs of managers today. Key features include:

  • Resilience psychometric assessments for managers
  • Personal resilience development
  • Essential people management skills
  • A modular approach
  • Fully customisable
  • Designed and delivered by Business Psychologists

What your managers will learn?

Our management training equips managers to effectively lead their teams. We focus on a core set of human-centric management skills. Your managers will learn how to:

  • Cultivate psychological safety in their team
  • Create a culture of feedback, learning and continuous improvement
  • Empower their team through coaching
  • Manage team stress and pressure
  • Initiate conversations about team wellbeing
  • Lead their team through change
  • Cultivate their own resilience

People-centric manager training

Why choose The Wellbeing Project

We are an expert team of business psychologists and people management specialists. We design training courses for managers that are evidence-based and highly practical.

We have put everything in place to ensure you get the outcomes that you are looking for. This includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • A content specialist to design your management programme
  • Co-ordination of every stage of the delivery
  • A specialist facilitator with a proven track record

It is about delivering engaging learning experiences with tangible results.

Enquire now

Get in touch. One of our specialist team will be happy to help.

Enquire now

Get in touch. One of our specialist team will be happy to help.

Exceptional feedback

The feedback from our managers has been exceptional. The Wellbeing Project go beyond talking about mental health, to ensuring that everyone leaves with advice and tips, and clear real-life examples they can put into practice.

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