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Resilience Training for Managers

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Resilient managers know how to manage the challenges and pressures of their role, and they role-model healthy coping strategies to their team.

Programme overview

In a fast-paced business environment, the challenges and pressures that managers face can impact their physical and psychological wellbeing.

Our resilience programme develops the mindset and behaviours that managers need to thrive. It equips them with practical strategies to manage pressure and stress and role model healthy coping strategies to their teams.

This powerful resilience training includes 3 key elements:

  1. Personal resilience assessments​
  2. ​The resilience masterclass
  3. Resilience embedding tools

Resilience Assessments

The Wraw psychometric assessment gives managers deep insight into the mindset and behaviours that they use to cope with the pressure of their role.

Wraw measures resilience across The 5 Pillars of Resilience. This scientifically validated model includes the physical, psychological and social aspects of resilience.

5 pillars of resilience summative scores

Their confidential report gives clarity on their current strengths and pinpoints areas of development.

Resilience Masterclass

Masterclass overview

Our expert team of business psychologists created this unique programme to build the resilience of mangers. The Resilience Masterclass includes evidence-based models and proven strategies to build physical, psychological and social resilience.

But it isn’t just about theory. It is an opportunity for your team to come together and share their experiences. Through group discussions and interactive exercises, they’ll gain valuable insight and build momentum for change.

Masterclass outcomes

  • Reframe challenges into opportunities
  • Unlock the power of a growth mindset
  • Know how to take control in challenging circumstances
  • ​Understand the dynamic relationship between mood and performance
  • Know how to balance activity with rest and recovery
  • Create an actionable plan to cultivate the habits of healthy performance

Essential information

DURATION: 3 hours

GROUP SIZE: Up to 16 managers

DELIVERY FORMAT: In-person / Virtual classroom

WHO IS IT FOR?: Our manager training is available in-house exclusively for organisations. It is ideal for new managers, supervisors and more experienced managers.

Resilience Embedding Tools

Digital resilience and wellbeing resources

We understand that learning doesn’t end when a workshop is over. Which is why we’ve created a unique set of tools to continue the journey towards ever greater resilience.

From personalised daily habit building to a wealth of wellbeing resources, your team will have everything they need to keep moving towards their goals.

  • Wellbeing resource hub
  • Mood mapping
  • Personalised daily habit building

Resilience digital resources

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