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Employee Resilience Coaching

At The Wellbeing Project, we recognise that the resilience of your people is pivotal to your success. We offer targeted 1:1 coaching to empower team members with the mindset and skills they need to thrive.

What to expect from our 1:1 resilience coaching

Our expert team of business psychologists have created a unique approach to coaching in the workplace. At its heart, is a powerful psychometric assessment that measures employee resilience. This data-driven insight is the foundation for targeted, measurable development.

Here’s what to expect:

Resilience psychometric assessment

At the start of the programme, a resilience psychometric assessment from Wraw uncovers individual strengths and areas of improvement. This data-driven insight is the foundation for targeted coaching that focusses on specific growth areas.

Specialist coaching

Our specialist coaching team are accredited coaches and business psychologists. They have a deep understanding of resilience in the workplace, and know how to unlock lasting behaviour change.

Lasting impact

By focussing on resilience, we go beyond quick fixes that don’t last. Instead, we cultivate the mindset and behaviours working people need to succeed throughout their career.

Measurable results

An end of programme assessment gives a clear measure of improvement and identifies ongoing areas of development.

Post-coaching support

We know that the learning doesn’t end when the coaching stops. After the coaching programme, we provide access to powerful digital resources to support ongoing behaviour change. This includes a mood mapping tool, personalised learning pathways and multimedia resources.

Personal Resilience Digital Resources

Where to start

Talk to one of our specialist team, and find out more about how our management coaching can transform team leadership in your organisation.

How can we help?

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A better place for leadership

I’m more able to understand and support others, while being in a better place to offer leadership.

More programmes

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Pressure is a fact of life but with the right knowledge and skill your team can learn to master it.

Manager Coaching

Our highly skilled coaches work 1:1 with managers to build their resilience and equip them to lead healthy team performance.

Leader Coaching

Our highly skilled coaches work 1:1 with leaders to build the high performing behaviours and thinking styles that unlock the best results.

Navigate Change

Workshop overview Navigate Change is designed to help your team take control during times of change. Our specialist facilitators explore the change process. They uncover the emotional responses and blocks that might stand in the way of successful change. Your team will leave equipped with the tools to confidently tackle whatever lies ahead. Workshop outcomes […]

Resilience Espresso

The Resilience Espresso group workshop equips working people to build their physical, psychological and social resilience.

Resilience Masterclass

The Resilience Masterclass develops the mindset and behaviours your team need to perform at their best. The programme includes personal resilience assessments and post training support.

The Coaching Approach

The 'Coaching Approach' workshop equips managers with the skills to unlock the next level of their team's performance.
How can we help?

To ask a question or to find out more about our programmes get in touch.

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