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Leader Coaching

At The Wellbeing Project, we believe that exceptional leadership begins with deep personal resilience. Our ground breaking approach to leadership coaching starts with a comprehensive analysis of the resilience of leaders. This is the foundation for targeted and sustainable development.

A ground breaking approach to leadership coaching

Leadership is more than just a title. We recognise that effective leadership is underpinned by resilience. Resilient leaders have strategic self-awareness. They know how to navigate change, solve complex problems and enable healthy team performance.

Resilience psychometric assessment

Our coaching process begins with a resilience psychometric assessment from Wraw. Your leaders will uncover the mindset and behaviours they use to cope with pressure and challenge.  This strategic self-awareness is the foundation for targeted coaching that addresses each leader’s individual needs.

Tailored coaching plans

Equipped with insight from the Wraw assessment, our specialist coaches create bespoke coaching plans. The aim is to develop the resilient mindset and behaviours that are crucial for success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Sustainable results

We don’t believe in quick fixes; we believe in sustainable leadership growth. Our coaching unlocks the mindset and behaviours leaders need to navigate whatever lies ahead.

Measurable impact

At the end of the coaching programme, we conduct a comprehensive follow-up assessment. It is an opportunity for leaders to measure the progress they have made, celebrate their success and plan for the future.

What to expect from our leadership coaching

  • Specialist coaches: Accredited coaches and business psychologists with extensive experience
  • Resilience psychometric assessment: A comprehensive analysis of leadership resilience
  • Targeted coaching: 1:1 coaching personalised to each leader
  • Skill development: Practical skills and strategies to boost leadership effectiveness
  • Post-coaching support: Access to digital embedding tools and resources

Where to start

Talk to one of our specialist team, and find out more about how our leadership coaching can transform leaders for your organisation.

How can we help?

To ask a question or to find out more about our programmes get in touch.

A better place for leadership

I’m more able to understand and support others, while being in a better place to offer leadership.

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The Coaching Approach

The 'Coaching Approach' workshop equips managers with the skills to unlock the next level of their team's performance.
How can we help?

To ask a question or to find out more about our programmes get in touch.

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