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Our Leadership Coaching provides targeted support for managers and leaders who are looking to unlock high performance in a healthy and sustainable way.

Coaching Overview

Our unique approach to leadership coaching fast tracks personal and professional development. Every coaching client is invited to complete the Wraw psychometric assessment and access their own individual resilience report. This comprehensive breakdown of personal resilience highlights key strengths and areas of development to support a  highly personalised coaching programme.

Building on this foundation, our highly experienced leadership coaches draw on research-based tools and techniques to build greater self-awareness and an ongoing commitment to personal growth.

Typical Coaching Outcomes

  • Gain insight into current strengths and areas of development
  • Set in motion sustainable behavioural change
  • Gain awareness of barriers and limiting beliefs
  • Identify healthy micro-habits
  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Take a leading role in driving a team culture of healthy high performance
  • Develop a road map to mitigate the risk of a dip in resilience and support lasting change

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Kickstart the coaching process

Wraw kickstarts the coaching process. It is easy to find the “hotspots” and from there choose the right strategies for the client.

More programmes

Resilience Guide for Managers

The Manager Guide brings together the latest research with practical tools and models to support resilient leadership and drive a commitment to change.

Leading for Resilience

Leaders and managers play a fundamental role in shaping a high performing culture in a healthy, sustainable way. Leading for Resilience gives them the tools and strategies to do just that.

The Whole Leader Programme

The Whole Leader Programme is a comprehensive 4 module course that gives forward-looking leaders the confidence to build a truly resilient organisation. Drawing on robust research, it introduces practical models and techniques to develop strategic, tactical and personal resilience.

Building Resilient Teams

High performing teams are critical to business success. Building Resilient Teams gives managers and leaders practical strategies to unlock the performance of their teams in a healthy and sustainable way.
How can we help?

To ask a question or to find out more about our wellbeing and resilience programmes, get in touch.

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