Team Resilience Report

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The Team Report from Wraw gives unrivalled insight into the resilience of teams, and fast tracks high performance in a healthy and sustainable way.

Access a detailed profile of team resilience and wellbeing in a safe and anonymised way. With insight into collective strengths and areas of development, The Wraw Team Report fast tracks high performance that is healthy and sustainable.

Report Outcomes

  • Measure and enable collective resilience
  • Leverage strengths and target team development
  • Provide managers with valuable data to support tactical resilience planning
  • Develop practical strategies to build and maintain a healthy, high performing team

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Team Leader Debrief

A Team Leader Debrief supports team leaders to maximise the impact of the Team Report. Working 1-2-1 with an experienced Wraw Practitioner, team leaders:

  • Contextualise the results of the Team Report
  • Identify key areas of development
  • Reflect on next steps

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A holistic overview of wellbeing

The Wraw psychometric gives us a holistic overview of wellbeing, and identifies areas where we can improve as an organisation.

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Team Resilience Guide

The digital team resilience guide supports a collective commitment to building team resilience and wellbeing, and sustaining high performance.

Resilient Teams

This interactive group programme explores impactful ways to maintain team effectiveness. We will learn from individual strengths and identify areas of development as we build a commitment to building and maintaining a team culture of healthy high performance.
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