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Supporting Working Parents

In person training
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Parenthood can bring many joys, but it also comes with its fair share of complexities. Supporting Working Parents gives the parents in your organisation space to reflect on these challenges. We introduce practical strategies to support their wellbeing and achieve greater work-life harmony. Choose from a selection of modules below.

Wheel split up into four quadrants depicting The Wellbeing Project's Supporting Parents modules.


Personal Resilience for Working Parents

Course outcomes

  • Understand resilience and its significance for parenting.
  • Take control while juggling work and family responsibilities.
  • Understand how to re-frame challenges in a supportive way.
  • Cultivate micro habits to maintain energy.
  • Develop a network of support to help navigate the complexities of the role.


Pressure Management

Course outcomes

  • Understand how pressure impacts both personal and professional spheres.
  • Identify specific triggers of stress throughout the day.
  • Spot the early warning signs of burnout.
  • Apply time management techniques tailored to the demands of working parents.
  • Implement techniques to alleviate pressure at work and at home.


Emotional Resilience

Course outcomes

  • Understand the significance of emotional resilience for work and family life.
  • Regulate your nervous system and stay calm under pressure.
  • Know how to trigger powerful mood-boosting chemicals.
  • Create a sustainable self-care plan.


Healthy Boundaries

Course outcomes

  • Understand how boundaries impact working parents.
  • Recognise individual physical and emotional boundaries.
  • Use personal values to define boundaries.
  • Cultivate healthy assertiveness.

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