We are excited to announce the launch of Reset.

Designed by leading business psychologists and experts in resilience, this essential programme for a critical time addresses the challenges of Covid-19 and life after lockdown.

Course Overview

Before the Covid-19 crisis hit, a clear vision for the future provided a strong anchor for individuals, teams and leaders to navigate the way forward. Now, many of us are left feeling disorientated and unclear about what’s next. As we continue to process what’s happened, we must dig deep to access new levels of resilience.

Reset gives you the space to reflect on the experience of lockdown and explore evidence based practices to support yourself and your colleagues as you move confidently forward.

Reset is available in 2 formats:

  • for leaders and managers
  • for all employees

Course Outcomes

  • Share challenges and learning from the lockdown experience
  • Build awareness and understanding of the emotional rollercoaster of CV-19
  • Acknowledge the accomplishments and strengths demonstrated through lockdown
  • Find purpose and meaning as you look to the future
  • Take control of your mood to reflect rather than ruminate
  • Adopt healthy micro-habits to positively adapt and adjust to future changes
  • Develop a robust Reset Plan to recover and recharge from CV-19
  • Understand the causes of stress within your organisation to mitigate against a decline in wellbeing (leaders)
  • Build team morale and spirit to support recovery (leaders)

To find out more, get in touch: info@thewellbeingproject.co.uk

Read the full Reset brochure here: Reset

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