Resilience Coaching

Our Resilience Coaching programme provides expert targeted support for someone who is looking to undertake focused leadership development. Resilience Coaching develops and builds healthy high performance behaviours and thinking styles that unlock the best of results.

Resilience Coaching

Our experienced coaches work on a 1-2-1 basis to help individuals understand and identify some key changes that will transform the way they feel and to overcome the pressures and demands that drain their energy, confidence and motivation.

Our resilience coaching programmes focus on integrating classic elements of leadership, such as strategic insight, effective communication skills and motivation.

The coachee will be encouraged to review and reflect on their own leadership style, with a view to:

  • Building a positive culture of healthy high performance
  • Working on specific development areas
  • Improving challenging relationships and team building
  • Struggling with motivation or confidence

The coachee comes away with tailored coaching materials, tools and exercises from each session.  Follow-up emails and ongoing telephone and email support is provided during the programme.

With the support of a dedicated coach, individuals develop a clear route map that will enable them to mitigate the risk of dips in their resilience and wellbeing and focus on developing practical, long-term strategies which can provide truly remarkable results.

Resilience coaching sessions are offered primarily on a face-to-face basis, however blended options will also be considered (Skype, telephone, email) to offer the necessary flex to accommodate global schedules and remote working.