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Sarah Thum-Bonanno

Business Psychologist

Sarah’s robust academic background in the field of psychology and passion for wellbeing have built her reputation as a highly regarded and much loved coach and facilitator.

Sarah’s long-standing interest in psychology and the human brain led her to study psychology at Bristol University. She went on to pursue clinical psychology roles in the NHS, before undertaking her MSc in Health Psychology at UCL. As a research psychologist, Sarah investigated medicine decision-making, health attitudes/behaviour and organisational health.

In 2015, Sarah decided to focus on the practical application of organisational psychology and has been facilitating workshops and training ever since. Sarah is a qualified coach and is accredited in a number of psychometrics including Myers-Briggs personality profiling.

Sarah is a keen yoga practitioner and teacher at Triyoga in London. She has found that yoga, meditation and mindfulness play a key role in wellbeing and stress management.

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