5 Pillars of Resilience Toolkits (Wraw)

Our Electronic Toolkits have been designed to complement our Wraw psychometric tool and workshops.

There is one toolkit for each Pillar:


Future Focus

Inner Focus

Flexible Thinking

Strong Relationships

Each electronic toolkit is between 10 and 12 pages long and includes a brief introduction to some of the science and research relating to this pillar. This is accompanied by a series of focused exercises which guide the reader through the process of applying tried and tested resilience-building techniques to their own individual context.

At the end of each toolkit we provide a list of further reading and signpost a selection of websites and short videos which readers can access to help inform and motivate them as they continue to practice the steps which will result in optimum personal resilience.

These toolkits may be purchased under licence and can be accessed via a dedicated page on our website. They provide individuals with an ideal opportunity to continue developing their resilience long after the initial workshop has been attended.

To complement the individual toolkits, we have also created two further guides which can again be purchased under optional licence:  The Manager’s Guide and the Action Learning Refresher.

Manager’s Guide

The Manager's Guide

The Manager’s Guide has been designed to support managers to lead and enable resilience within their own respective team.  Through a series of guided reflections and exercises, managers will be encouraged to identify how their team are responding to current pressure and what support they can provide which will foster greater resilience.

Team Guide: Action Learning Refresher

Team Guide

Our Action Learning guide is designed as a refresher and can be used by intact teams who are looking to reflect on progress made and actions taken following a workshop.  The guide encourages the team to complete a series of group reflections which focus on identifying how they can leverage strengths to help them tackle emergent challenges.