World Health Day 2017

World Health Day 2017 will take place on 7 April and this year the focus is on depression.

Depression can be described as a persistent low mood which lasts for longer than a few days or weeks.  Public awareness days such as this are an ideal way to foster better understanding of such conditions because they reduce stigma and lead to more people seeking appropriate help.  Not only that, they also provide an opportunity for more general conversations around mental wellbeing.

For most people, it’s not uncommon to experience periods of time when we’re not quite ourselves – perhaps we’re feeling a little under par, our overall mood is lower than usual and we find it difficult to feel motivated doing things we normally enjoy.  If this sounds familiar, here are some simple strategies which you can try which might help lift that low mood.

Boosting your resilience can be a very helpful means of keeping low mood and anxiety at bay – it means that life’s difficulties, which are inevitable, affect you less and you’re better able to bounce back from them.

Our next personal resilience masterclass will run in London on 23 May – book your place here.

For more information on how to overcome depression, go to NHS Choices.

For more information on World Health Day, click here.

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