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Wraw – Workplace Resilience And Wellbeing – is a psychometric tool and survey that measures resilience and its impact on wellbeing. This powerful tool gives data-driven insight into the resilience and wellbeing of individuals, teams, leaders and the whole organisation.

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The Wraw Framework

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Wraw psychometric assessments provide comprehensive data into wellbeing and resilience at at every level of the organisation.

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Wraw supports a robust approach to designing a wellbeing strategy targeted for maximum ROI.

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Wraw offers an exciting ecosystem of coaching, training and digital resilience and wellbeing solutions to build high performing cultures in a healthy and sustainable way.

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With regular assessments, Wraw provides an ongoing measure of progress as you refresh ongoing development.

Skill and professionalism
Thanks to the skill and professionalism of The Wellbeing Project, our people quickly felt confident in discussing a difficult subject in an open forum.
Building a culture of wellbeing
Wraw supported an open and honest discussion about how we behave as individuals and as a team, and the environment we create for our workforce.
A comprehensive solution
The Wraw models, tools and materials are comprehensive & ready to use. I’m excited to start working with organisations to strengthen their resilience.
A holistic overview of wellbeing
The Wraw psychometric gives us a holistic overview of wellbeing, and identifies areas where we can improve as an organisation.
Data-led wellbeing
The data from Wraw allows me to engage with employees on a much deeper level. We work together to identify achievable action plans to help increase resilience and wellbeing.
Kickstart the coaching process
Wraw kickstarts the coaching process. It is easy to find the "hotspots" and from there choose the right strategies for the client.
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A data-driven approach to resilience and wellbeing

The Wraw psychometric tool provides powerful insight into the resilience and wellbeing of working people. Going beyond employee engagement surveys and assessments, Wraw gives individuals, teams and leaders the information they need to take control of their wellbeing, and perform at their best. For HR teams and independent consultancies looking to develop high performing cultures in a healthy and sustainable way, Wraw provides the data for robust wellbeing strategy development.


5 pillars of resilience summative scores


The 5 Pillars of Resilience.

The Wraw psychometric tool measures  resilience and wellbeing across the 5 Pillars of Resilience. Developed by business psychologists at The Wellbeing Project, The 5 pillars model is a robustly validated, evidence-based framework for understanding resilience.

Drawing on the fields of positive and cognitive psychology, nutrition, neuroscience, and medicine, the 5 Pillars of Resilience give a holistic overview of physical, emotional, mental, and social resilience.


Sustain and renew physical energy

Future focus

Have a clear sense of purpose and direction

Inner drive

Maintain self-belief, confidence, motivation and perseverance

Flexible thinking

Have an open and optimistic mindset

Strong relationships

Build open and trusting relationships

Wraw Reports

Wraw Reports provide data-driven insight into the resilience and wellbeing of individual employees, teams, leaders and the whole organisation. Each report includes practical strategies for building resilience as well as space for action planning.

  • Snapshot: Top line insight into current levels of resilience
  • Individual: A detailed profile of personal resilience and wellbeing
  • Team: A comprehensive overview of a team’s collective resilience and wellbeing
  • Leader: Feedback on how a leader role models resilience and supports wellbeing in their team
  • Organisation: A comprehensive overview of resilience and wellbeing within the organisation


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