Health Champion Training

RSPH Accredited Workshop

Duration: Full day
Participants: 15 max / open courses
Suitable for: All employees
Health Champion

Course Overview

This full-day programme follows the Royal Society of Public Health syllabus for Understanding Health Improvement, Level 2.  With a dual focus on building delegates’ knowledge of the principles of health improvement and also understanding how to influence behaviour change, this workshop is ideal for those who are looking to inspire and motivate others to improve their health and wellbeing.

On passing the short examination at the end of the workshop, delegates will qualify as a RSPH certified Health and Wellbeing Champion.  In this role, they will:

  • Champion the area of health and wellbeing
  • Act as an information hub, communicating key health messages
  • Gauge need and where enthusiasm lies
  • Signpost valuable support and resources
  • Create mini marketing campaigns to raise awareness of different health topics
  • Organise inspiring live events
  • Gather feedback to inform future initiatives

Course Benefits

In addition to gaining a certified level 2 qualification, delegates will increase their own knowledge, capabilities, skills and confidence, by learning how to:

  • Inspire and support others to put their health and wellbeing back on track
  • Recognise the TRUE aspects and influences of health and wellbeing
  • Help minimise health inequalities by supporting broad access to services and resources
  • Build rapport and trust with others as a respected champion of health
  • Provide support to help others overcome the challenges they may face in making behaviour changes
  • Communicate and lead health campaigns that will potentially change lives
  • Know how to manage confidentiality and comply with legislation around data protection