Working Families

Our Working Families programme offers a suite of coaching, training and learning resources to support employees to realise their potential throughout the different phases of their life and career.

Whether it’s understanding how to achieve a greater sense of work/life balance or learning tools and techniques to support greater personal effectiveness, our Working Families programme provides key insights into how to successfully integrate the personal and the professional.

working families

Supporting Working Parents

Suitable for parents

Think of all the working parents in your business. This highly interactive half-day workshop gives parents-to-be, new parents and ‘established’ parents an opportunity to understand that parenthood needn’t force them off the career ladder. Individuals will leave the session feeling energised, positive and equipped to push further with their career.

maternity coaching programme

Maternity Coaching Programme

Suitable for mothers

Through a series of 4 coaching sessions, this programme looks to engage early with the mother-to-be and support her through the different stages of this transition.  By providing a confidential and supportive space, our specialist maternity coach will guide expectant, new and returning mothers to re-tune their identity and identify the key elements which will support them to successfully embrace both spaces.

Supporting Working Fathers

Supporting Working Fathers

Suitable for fathers

As society changes and the burden of working parenting falls more equally upon both mothers and fathers, it is becoming ever-more important to create a network of support for fathers within an organisation. This engaging 90-minute session offers an opportunity for fathers to ask questions, share fears and address concerns in a relaxed, confidential atmosphere.

Paternity Leave - Supporting Managers

Paternity Leave – Supporting Managers

Suitable for managers and leaders

This 90-minute workshop will help Line Managers to ensure that they are both supported and supportive in dealing with team members who are expecting to become parents, and that they clearly understand how to deal with leaving and returning parents in order to maintain harmony for both the team and the individual.


Caring for Carers

Suitable for everyone

The dynamics of a family shift and change over time.  When our day-to-day responsibilities include caring for a relative or loved one, the boundaries between our professional and personal life can become stretched.  While our work may offer challenge and purpose, the additional physical, mental and emotional demands of the caring role can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  This practical and interactive half-day workshop will explore the unique challenges faced by carers and help them to identify practical strategies which will support them to navigate this specific phase in their life.