Maternity Coaching Programme

Duration: 4 x 2 hour sessions
Suitable for: Mothers
maternity coaching programme

The transition into motherhood can be an exciting time, but it can also present a degree of challenge in terms of how to balance the personal and the professional.

Through a series of 4 maternity coaching sessions, this programme looks to engage early with the mother-to-be and support her through the different stages of this transition.

By providing a confidential and supportive space, our specialist maternity coach will guide expectant, new and returning mothers to re-tune their identity and identify the key elements which will support them to successfully embrace both spaces.

Course Overview

This 4-session maternity coaching programme is ideally scheduled before, during and after maternity leave, allowing the mother-to-be to explore her concerns and expectations of how to adapt to the inevitable shifts in both personal and professional life.

Session 1 – Initial Coaching Session (before maternity leave commences)

Session 2 – Ready For Re-Launch (during maternity leave, before return)

Session 3 – Navigating The New Normal (4 weeks after return)

Session 4 – Building On Success (6 months after return)


Through scheduled sessions of up to 2 hours, coachees will build greater clarity and confidence through:

  • Developing a broader understanding of the whole maternity experience and what this means for the individual
  • Securing a greater sense of control through each stage of this transition period
  • Knowing how to pro-actively manage relationships with team, clients, managers and key stakeholders
  • Identifying areas of potential challenge or conflict and how best to resolve them
  • Establishing and contributing to a network of support within the office
  • Building a clear plan which supports successfully bridging a dual role