Wellbeing Strategy

The Wellbeing Project provides a comprehensive approach to wellbeing strategy development. Whether you are at the start, or are at a key review point, our expert team of business psychologists have the knowledge and experience to drive your wellbeing agenda.

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Wraw Resilience Report 2021

Unique insight into wellbeing and resilience in the workplace today.

Wellbeing Strategy Development

The 4Ds is our tried and tested approach to building a wellbeing strategy that meets the specific needs of your organisation.

Phase 1: Discover

With in-depth research and analysis, we will develop a clear picture of the wellbeing landscape of your organisation and build a vision for success.

Phase 2: Design

We will design a best-in-class strategy to meet your wellbeing goals, and drive healthy high performance in your organisation.

Phase 3: Develop

As we move to final implementation, we will refine the approach through ongoing analysis and feedback.

Phase 4: Deliver

With rigorous planning and a compelling story line to drive engagement, we move to final launch.

Wraw Wellbeing Survey

Robust data insight into employee wellbeing and resilience

The Wraw Wellbeing Survey provides a comprehensive overview of employee resilience and wellbeing. Building on existing internal data, the survey measures resilience and wellbeing across The 5 Pillars of Resilience. This robustly researched, scientifically validated model gives a holistic overview of physical, emotional, psychological, and social resilience.

Wellbeing Measurement

Insight into wellbeing at every level of the organisation

Whether you are an individual employee looking to develop your own resilience, or a senior leader driving organisational change, the foundation of every successful wellbeing plan is robust data. Wraw reports for individuals, teams, leaders and the whole organisation give you the information you need to tailor solutions to the precise needs of your business.

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How can we help?

To talk to an expert about developing your wellbeing strategy, get in touch.