Helen Brown

Executive Coach and Trainer

Helen has over 18 years of HR and senior management experience in the public and private sectors. She understands the challenges of working in a fast paced, highly dynamic industries and can work at all levels from CEO through to workers. She has an Honours degree in Psychology, an MBA and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

Helen has experience as an Executive Coach, Psychometric Profiler, and Leadership Development provider for a range of projects with firms requiring cultural change and/or experiencing rapid growth. She uses Psychometric profiling extensively throughout to provide individuals with a deep awareness of how their behaviours affect others, and to enable individuals and teams to operate to maximum efficiency in the workplace. She has also used this expertise in large scale Assessment Centre Projects.

Helen has a relaxed, practical, and lively style, and enjoys engaging participants in a positive and active learning experience. As a Coach, Helen is highly collaborative and outcome driven and is quick to establish rapport with her clients due to her warmth, openness, and honesty.   The trust and ease this creates enables clients to get straight to the heart of the issue resulting in rapid results.

She is qualified in a variety of Psychometric tools including Thomas International (PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) GIA (Aptitude tests), 360 and the TEIQui Emotional Intelligence.); Hogan Development Survey and Assess (Behavioural profile). She also has knowledge and experience of using Insight and MBTI.