Vix Anderton

Facilitator and Trainer

Vix is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations achieve meaningful and sustainable change through evidence-based research, practical planning, red-teaming and coaching. She is passionate about co-creating practical solutions to support happier, healthier and more productive working environments where individuals can thrive and flourish.

An accredited Mental Health First Aider, ICF-certified life coach and yoga teacher, Vix loves to draw on psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour change research as well as Eastern philosophies and traditions to inform her work.

She works with organisations – from staff, to managers and leadership, and L&D teams – as an inclusive leadership and gender specialist. She is dedicated to creating environments where individuals can be their best and whole selves at work and understands the importance of resilience, stamina and wellbeing in every aspect of an individual’s life.

She is an adaptive facilitator, able to be dynamic, forthright and focused as well as warm, calm and grounded depending on the situation. She is highly professional and tailors her approach to best suit her audience’s needs.